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Faithfully Flourishing Coaching

Discover your true worth....
& flourish!

Welcome home love....

I'm Keysha!

A short little lady who adores a British accent, calling people weird endearments (you will find out), and more importantly someone who so desires for you to win


I’m wholly dedicated to living a life of faith - what you’ll hear me call following "The Cloud.”


To be an unconditional, safe-place for people to grow into who they most desire to be is something I'm passionate about.


I’ve been on financial teams that have managed multi-million dollar budgets and I’ve also experienced anxiety, stress, and fear when trying to manage my own money. 


I’ve walked through thoughts of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and harsh perfectionism. And perfected a stride into unending compassion, forgiveness, and an incomparable capacity to love myself well.

And I'm here to teach you everything I know so you can live a life that you love and can revel in.

Keysha Jones

What does it mean to faithfully flourish?

Faithfully flourishing means you are devoted to living a life you can

take a deep breath in.


You'll be able to make decisions...without overthinking them.



No more spending money or eating over your problems.



It means that you will live a life you love, instead of dread.


You will learn to revel in your life and no longer need to run away.

Keysha Jones

Unlock a faithfully flourishing life if....


You are ready to take up space without apology.

You are ready to create a life you don’t want escape from.

You’re ready to learn to budget in a way that is realistic.

You’re done feeling like everyday is a struggle.  

You’re done with letting fear hold you hostage.

Faithfully Flourishing Foundation Framework
"The F4 Model"



We teach you how to uncover where you are



We teach you how to embrace and own your worth


We teach you how to speak up for yourself 



We teach you how to live authentically

The journey towards a flourishing life begins on the path of self-awareness. 

Keysha Jones

Our Why

Faithfully Flourishing Coaching exists for those who desire to build the path to who they have never been.


You want more…


More joy. 


More peace.


More control over your money.


And you know life can be more fulfilling than what you are living right now.


You take care of everything and everyone… before yourself.


You’ve silenced your desires, thoughts, and feelings long enough.


You get to take a step back and look at the life you're living and decide to make changes for the better.


You were born to be the lead in your own life…not to be the understudy


Unlock the door to a Faithfully Flourishing life!

My desire is to help  those who may feel unseen, feel like the sun.


To help anyone feeling like they're drowning in their own lives, be able to breathe freely.


This work is about you and what you want to create in your life. 


I’m simply here to help you make it real.


You are ready and capable and it's time for change.


Choose the membership that will help you become who you most desire to be.

Keysha Jones

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