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Keysha Jones

It's time to Flourish!

The way you think, creates your entire life.

I promise you.

Instead of dealing with how we think or what we feel -

we try to run away.

We spend money that we really need to keep, eat food that we really don’t want, binge watch television -

all in an attempt to find a piece of happiness and numb our pain.

We’re overwhelmed in our lives, just trying to make it… the best way we know how.

But maybe what was taught to us, wasn't enough.

Coaching takes you from escaping life to flourishing within it.
You don't have to keep living a life that you're tired of.


With a few simple changes you can begin to have a life you can breathe in.

I know it doesn't seem like it, but you have a choice in the life you live.

You have a choice.

Faithfully Flourishing Coaching

And the great thing is, you don’t have to make the choice alone.


I’m here to help support as you navigate the new - as you build a new foundation.


Coaching is your place to unravel your thoughts and make sense of what’s going on - and we do it together.




Number One:  Join FFC

  •  The FFC Community. As an active member, you get access to other people engaged in the same work you’re doing. Together we learn, celebrate, discuss, process, and wildly flourish.


Number Two:  Key Sessions

  • Key Sessions simply are lessons under 20 minutes that discuss setting boundaries, managing your emotions, uprooting negative self-talk, how to build a sustainable budget, and so much more.

  • We also equip you with Key Resources - practical workbooks to help you apply everything you're learning in FFC to your life. 


Number Three:  Live Key Coaching Sessions

  • Bring your questions and requests right here! It’s our live call - we dig deeper into the lessons and you get to bring your specific situation for coaching. Can’t make it? No worries boo…the recorded sessions will be uploaded to the private member portal.  


Honey…If you do the work, you will see the results. 

Join FFC
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