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Meet Keysha

"I’ve never been a picture of perfection

but I am a perfect picture of progression."

I used to tell myself I wasn’t enough. 

That no matter what I did, I would never measure up.


It didn’t matter what I accomplished - my life was viewed through the preconceived notion that I was inadequate. 


I could rely on myself to be my biggest critic and most faithful attacker.


All the while, I had a small still voice whispering that there was more, that I was indeed more … - but seemed so out of reach for me.


I kept wondering how. 

How do I close the gap between what I see with my eyes open, versus what I see with my eyes closed?


I thought I would just have to make do. 


Yet, there was more. 

This is the next step and what you have been searching for...

Keysha Jones
Faithfully Flourishing Coaching

And there’s so much more for you too....

There’s a version of you - a faithfully flourishing you - that you just simply haven’t met yet.


You deserve to meet the verison of you that you see in your heart.


A more free, happier, and stable you is just on the other side. 

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